kingdom hearts is a diffucult game. but i,ll show you what to do. first you wake up and see kari. once you start walking around go see riku. fight him and then race him. if you dont beat him give up. you,ll regret it later if you dont. then behind the waterfall there's a secret place go there look at the picture where you and [ kari or riku] are holding hands kari will talk to you . the next day help her build a raft. once you call it a day you,ll see a scene. then you,ll all go to bed. then you,ll here rumbiling get up and talk to riku you'll see a scene and he'll disipear next go to the secret place youll see kari and another scene then go outside and fight the darkside after you beat him you'll be in TRAVERSE TOWN......

TO BE CONTINUED............

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